There are several ways to reach the Hotel & Spa Wasserschloss Westerburg:

Public Transportation: Train and Bus

We recommend to leave the train at "Halberstadt, Central Station". To continue, you may either take the bus or a taxi/cab. Once per hour, bus line no. 214 is departing in our direction. Your stop to get off the bus  is "Westerburg Wartehalle, Huy". A taxi/cab from Central Station to the Westerburg is about 30-35 €uro.

Check your itinerary: Deutsche Bahn(German Railway Company)

By Car

At all streets in the vicinity of the Westerburg, you will find brown street signs saying "Westerburg", which give you directions.

Tips for the use of navigation instruments:  Destination information varies by manufacturer and product. The most common ones are "38836 Westerburg Huy" or "38836 Dedeleben Huy"

Via Autobahn A2 Berlin-Hannover
Exit Helmstedt (62), take  highway B 244 to "Schöningen". In Schöningen, take the highway B 244 to "Wernigerode", ca. 15 km to "Dedeleben". In Dedeleben, follow the brown street sign saying" Westerburg".

Via Autobahn A7 from the south
Exit Rhüden (66), take the highway B 82 to "Goslar". In Goslar, take the  B 6n to "Wernigerode". Take the exit "Wernigerode Nord". Then, take the highway B 244 to "Helmstedt". Follow the B 244 to "Zilly". From here, follow the brown street signs saying "Westerburg".

Via Autobahn A7 from the north
At interchange Hannover, take the A2 to "Braunschweig". Exit (33) Bad Harzburg/Wolfenbüttel. Just before Wolfenbüttel, take the  B 79 to Wolfenbüttel/Halberstadt. Continue on the B 79 to "Hessen". From here, go in direction of  "Rohrsheim/Dedeleben". In Rohrsheim, follow the brown street sign saying "Westerburg".